Accounting and Bookkeeping. To help our clients cut down on these tedious and time-consuming tasks, we establish and maintain accounting and bookkeeping systems for them as well as provide timely and relevant financial information to support the company's decision-making process. We assist our clients in recording, classifying and summarizing economic events in a logical manner. We also ensure that accounting records are promptly and regularly updated.

Payroll. We provide confidential and general payroll services and assist in the computation and remittance of individual withholding taxes, Social Security System premiums, and other government regulatory requirements.

Staff Loan. We can temporarily provide competent personnel to our clients when additional staff with finance or accounting skills is required. This may be for specific projects or seasonal tasks.

Controllership. We provide full controllership services wherein our personnel perform the company's finance and accounting functions, thereby eliminating the need for our clients to maintain in-house controllership.